Don’t Walk: RUN!

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Windows, Mac, iOS

Don’t Walk: RUN! is a 2-4 player local multiplayer game developed by Torque Studios, that utilises second screen technology in an entirely new way. Three players take the role of hapless tourists, trapped in a chaotic and bombastic situation inspired by the best/worst B-movies of all time.

The final player uses the second screen to become the movie’s director, and interact directly with the game’s environment – throwing cars, setting up traps, explosions, earthquakes – all of this is controlled in real time and with pinpoint accuracy using an iPad’s touchscreen.

The game was one of three that won the international game dev competition Dare To Be Digital 2014, if also received a BAFTA nomination for the ‘Ones To Watch‘ award and won the Channel 4 Award to help fund a released version of the game.



  • Game Design
  • Programming
  • Networking
  • Audio Implementation